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ULV Fogger in action

The EnviroNize® ULV Fogger

• Designed for Large Surface Area Coverage

The ULV Fogger utilizes EnviroNize® Anolyte 50, a Health Canada approved, no rinse, broad spectrum sanitizer. Its super fine mist, strong injection and ultra low volume spraying ensures  penetration and diffusion. Safely sanitize in minutes, with almost no down time – your showroom, office, home, etc., are safe for pets, plants and humans as soon as the mist clears.

EnviroNize ULV Fogger
Model #DescriptionWeight
ENVULVFOGCorded ULV Fogger10.0 lbs.
ENVULV-TKN3 Litre Reservoir (extra)1.5 lbs.

The ULV Fogger comes with a 3L Solution Reservoir. You can also purchase an extra 3L reservoir to save time on larger jobs by having a extra tank ready to switch out.