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Keep Your Environment Clean and Safe!


Keep your environment sanitized and disinfected with our line-up of Disinfectants, Cleaner/Degreaser
and Cleansing Hand & Body Wash.

Ultra-Lyte® Multi-Use Disinfectant Sanitizer

Clinically proven and all-natural. Ultra-Lyte® is DIN certified sanitizer/disinfectant, approved by Health Canada to kill Covid-19 and a host of bacteria, mold, & viruses.

Catholyte Multi-Use Cleaner and Degreaser

EnviroNize Catholyte

Highly effective detergent and
cleaning agent, able to strip and clean hard surfaces of scale, hydrocarbon deposits, and bacterial films.

Hand & Body Cleansing Wash Anolyte 200

EnviroNize 200 Cleansing Wash

Cosmetic registered cleansing wash for face, hands and body. Aids in your skin’s natural healing. DIN 02410605

Pet Care Disinfectant Anolyte 500

EnviroNize Pet Care

A broad spectrum disinfectant for hard, non-porous surfaces in animal & pet environments including equipment, utensils and instruments in kennels, catteries, aviaries, etc.

Hy-Cor Services also offers a selection of personal protection equipment.

3-Layer Disposable Face Masks

Disposable Fask Mask

3 layer disposable face mask (Level 2). Certified for Canada. Available in packs of 50 or by the case.

CSA Approved Safety Glasses in Clear or Smoke

DEP850 Saftey Glasses

From DSI/PIP Canada. Wraparound, lightweight frameless spectacle. One piece lense with soft rubber temple ends and nosepiece for non-slip comfort. Available in clear or smoke.

Coloured T-Shirt Wipers (Bags of Rags)

Bag of Rags

Environmentally friendly!
3 lb bag of coloured t-shirt wipers, ideal for wiping down frequently used hard surface ‘hot zones’.

EnviroNize® Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand Wash Dispenser

EnviroNize® Hand and Body Wash dispensers. Available in wall mount and free-standing styles. Click on Learn More for details.

EnviroNize ULV Fogger


ULV Fogger

Strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures penetration and diffusion to fine areas.

DryMax Fogger


Ultra Dry Max Fogger

The ultimate in dry-fogging technology.


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