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Disinfectant Fogging Service

We offer a range of dry-fogging disinfectant services utilizing Ultra-Lyte® Sanitizer/Disinfectant.

Office Workers

Effective disinfection at its best!

With a near-neutral pH, Ultra-Lyte® offers safe, non-toxic disinfection up to 100x more effective than bleach and a whopping 1500x more effective than alcohol. Ultra-Lyte® kills most bacteria and viruses on contact.

Kills 99.99% of bacteria, mold and viruses in under 1 minute.

Kills 99.9999% of bacteria, mold and viruses in under 10 minutes.

We can provide a one-time disinfection application, or schedule daily, weekly and monthly treatments. We can also provide the products for maintaining your ‘hot zones’ and high-touch areas between services.

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